Spoken Word (Poetry)

The Shadow Of The Woman In The Fur Coat.

The heart is where pain comes from.The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer The process of healing does not end when the wounds are no longer visible- it ends when the wounds no longer ache.Unknown I can hear your words echoing in my ears "that's one way to get slapped, I don't see why you're making… Continue reading The Shadow Of The Woman In The Fur Coat.

Spoken Word (Poetry)

Ghost of You.

You will come to see that any behavior pattern based upon the avoidance of pain becomes a doorway to the pain itself.The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer Messages and questions left unanswered. How was I to make sense of confusion? of chaos? of silence? Confusion and chaos remained behind the walls I built.... in the… Continue reading Ghost of You.

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Free Books For You + 2019 Work Recap

Isn’t it so nice when someone gives you an unexpected gift ? The thought behind it. It’s the greatest feeling ever, right ? Welp ! I’m making two of my books free from NOW UNTIL 11:59 p.m. on 🎄 Christmas 🎄!! Download your FREE copy now ! Beautiful Disaster Words Are Art I know my… Continue reading Free Books For You + 2019 Work Recap


The Names We Make Our Truth.

Have you ever been called a name by someone? (ex. ugly, stupid, sensitive, idiot, crazy, fat, crybaby, etc.) The list can go on and on but I think you get the point. Some of the names I have been called or I have called myself include: sensitive, weak, ugly, crazy, stupid, fat........ All these names… Continue reading The Names We Make Our Truth.



Imagine being in a boxing match. You are in round 4 out of 12. You've just been knocked down for the third time, and this time you ask yourself "Should I get up?" You hear the count......1....2....3.... 4....You also hear people yelling "Get up, get up. Keep fighting." As you lay there bleeding from your… Continue reading Fight…..



It seems unreal that we are already on the 5th day of 2019 ! By November, 2018 seemed to be slipping by me, and by the time I looked up, it was over. During the last few weeks of 2018, I realized, I needed to take a step back. I resorted to my unhealthy coping… Continue reading Choices.

Voices Unheard Blog Series

Religion, Love, and Bipolar Depression (Voices Unheard Series)

The first person I got to interview for this series, is an amazing & talented woman by the name of Marie-Alice ! I call her Allie, but she may or may not punch you if you try to call her that. (lol!) Before we even started the interview we were laughing, making jokes, talking about… Continue reading Religion, Love, and Bipolar Depression (Voices Unheard Series)

Voices Unheard Blog Series

Introducing a New Series……….

I've had my blog for roughly 3 years, but just started blogging regularly in the last 6 months or so. When I first created my blog I looked at it as a place to share my life, my struggles, my pain, and my victories. It is no secret that my life has changed so much… Continue reading Introducing a New Series……….


The Truth About Love and Acceptance.

If you don't love and accept yourself, is it possible for you to be able to fully receive love and acceptance from others? My short answer to that question is NO. The way we feel about ourselves spills over into all of our relationships and this I have found causes CONFLICT. I am unsure when it… Continue reading The Truth About Love and Acceptance.

Inspiration, Short Writings (NMT 300 Words)

World Suicide Prevention Day🌎

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. We all get so self-absorbed sometimes in our own "lives," and we make less and less time to reach out to others. Be sure you are staying connected with your loved ones. A simple call, text, Facebook message, email... whatever can mean so much. STAY CONNECTED ! (We never… Continue reading World Suicide Prevention Day🌎