Even When It Hurts…….

I have resorted to silence. This silence has been caused due not only of fear of saying the wrong thing, but just not knowing what to say during this time. A lot of times instead of admitting we don't know what to say, we simply say NOTHING........... or some of us (including myself) just say… Continue reading Even When It Hurts…….

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Announcement !

I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that Colorless Love is available for PURCHASE TODAY at the Amazon link below ! Click to Purchase your copy of Colorless Love  I am extremely happy to be able to have this book available to you all, and be in the process of already working on my next one ! Thank you… Continue reading Announcement !

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Live Video !

Happy Friday Beautiful People !!!<3 You know me, I usually try to keep busy!( It doesn't work all the time, but I try.) So last night, I decided to do a live video on Facebook and I would love it if you took a moment to check it out at the link BELOW! For all… Continue reading Live Video !

Random Writings

4th of July 2018

Hello, hello, hello my lovely Subscribers& Readers!!!!  Yesterday was the 4th,how did you and your family/friends spend the day?  My day started off well, I was feeling a bit down/discouraged kind of like I am currently just about my health, getting what I need from my doctors, feeling fearful to continue to put my trust in… Continue reading 4th of July 2018

Random Writings

Not Ready To Turn Off…..

Hello Subscribers & Readers, I hope your Tuesday is/was well! I am sure what I am about to say may sound off, but it's my blog and last time I checked I could say whatever I wanted as long as of course it's in line with my morals and beliefs! As many of your are… Continue reading Not Ready To Turn Off…..


Struggle Becoming One’s Identity…

Hey lovelies how is everyone? Happy Happy Monday.  UGH, I've missed blogging.  I've missed communicating with you all !:) When I don't blog or allow myself time to write often I feel like something is missing, like a hole that I can't fill by doing anything else. I feel as if I have no voice,… Continue reading Struggle Becoming One’s Identity…


Let me Just Say This….

Hello Hello my lovely subscribers ! I want to first start off by saying how sorry that I have been so neglectful when it comes to blogging lately. Let me tell you what has been up with m and what exactly i've been working on! The last month of  my life has been hectic, eye-opening, and… Continue reading Let me Just Say This….

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Visiting Familiar and Unfamiliar Places (Part III)

❤️ Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week. I am not 100% sure why, but here are a few reasons why I think I may adore Wednesdays 😍 : I was born on a Wednesday, I like how Wednesday is spelled & I like how it looks written down or typed out, and I like… Continue reading Visiting Familiar and Unfamiliar Places (Part III)

Travel Blogs

Visiting Familiar and Unfamiliar Places (Part II)

The longer I'm here visiting my family the more I begin to realize how little I actually really know about them and just life in general. I think one of my biggest flaws is thinking I know more than I do based solely off my interpretation of a situation. Silly me. I think a lot… Continue reading Visiting Familiar and Unfamiliar Places (Part II)

Random Writings

Update ❤️ 

Hello beautiful subscribers ! Happy Saturday ! I just wanted to take a moment and shout out to all my subscribers and tell you guys & gals thank you so much for subscribing ! 😘 I really appreciate the support !☺️ Thank you ! • • Lately I have been super stressed writing my new… Continue reading Update ❤️