💡 The Light 💡

Geeeez... I seriously keep having to remind myself of this, because sometimes in those moments of trying to cope with symptoms/emotions it feels like I’m failing and I’m relapsing. It is the worse feeling, because I want to be in a healthy state when it comes to my mental health, I want to breathe, I… Continue reading 💡 The Light 💡

Random Writings

Drawing New Lines.

I didn’t draw new lines because I wanted to break rules and go against everything I once believed in. I am deciding to draw new lines in my life because I am sick and tired of trying to fit (my colors) who I am into the “lines” aka expectations I felt others put on me,… Continue reading Drawing New Lines.


Damage and Broken…..Do these words really describe me?

Come on let’s be real, when dealing with having mental illness day in and day out it is not EASY to be excited and tell yourself you’re healing, rediscovering yourself, or starting over because some days it just doesn’t feel like that at all. It feels like you are drowning in both emotion and misery,… Continue reading Damage and Broken…..Do these words really describe me?