Short Writings (NMT 300 Words)

Stop Scrolling.

You sit there, cell phone in hand. You scroll through my Instagram , Facebook , Snapchat story, then my blog. You read my posts and remember parts & words that "stand out " to you. Divorce. Suicide. Bipolar Disorder. PTSD. Self-Harm. Lies. Pain. You continue scrolling, words like those continue to "jump off the page at you," or… Continue reading Stop Scrolling.

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And Then There Was Me…

Just another regular Saturday day, right ? Noooooooo, it's my 25th BIRTHDAY 🎂💃🏽👑🎉LADIES & GENTS !!! Geez, if you've read my posts over the last 6 or 7 months you know how much of a blessing it is for me to have made it to this day ! If you are wondering how I feel… Continue reading And Then There Was Me…

Random Writings

Call her Lil 🐾 😯🌸

Happy Sunday everyone ! How has your weekend been? Mine has been filled with finishing up christmas shopping, snapchatting a ton, catching up with my  high school bestie, and today I will be packing for my trip, me and Lil leave tomorrow. Can I get a drum 🥁 roll please...... I would like to introduce… Continue reading Call her Lil 🐾 😯🌸

Random Writings

Mental Health Matters and This Is My Journey

I wake up some days and all I want to do is stay in bed or in one spot all day. My body wants one thing and my mind wants another. I feel down dealing with the depressive end of bipolar symptoms, I want to isolate from people, I don’t care about eating or doing… Continue reading Mental Health Matters and This Is My Journey

Random Writings

Continue ;

When you are going through a "storm" in your life, it seems like there is no way to get out of it, and then God pulls you through. It's so hard to think about those times when the storm has seemed to last so long or you feel it's taking everything away from you. But… Continue reading Continue ;

Random Writings

Redefining Art, Bad Habits, and a Survey

Hello my beautiful subscribers & readers, how has everyone been ? Busy I am sure, getting things done and living. I noticed days ago that I have not blogged in about a month,how sad is that ? Well for me it's very sad. Writing is my love, it's one of the ways I live, express… Continue reading Redefining Art, Bad Habits, and a Survey

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Smile Today.

Hey beautiful Subscribers ! How is everyone? It seems like it's been a long time since I last posted. The last two weeks have been a bit hectic between attending classes, homework, new friends, moving, getting settled, chapel services, adding/ dropping classes, etc things have been pretty busy for me. I am so thankful to… Continue reading Smile Today.

Random Writings

Farewell To My Summer and The Place I Called Home 

Time was ticking away..... The sun was up and it was getting close for the time for me to get going. I continued to sit in my chair silently and let my thoughts wonder. Immediately, my thoughts went to summer ending, and how it all seem to just happen so fast. The summer had come… Continue reading Farewell To My Summer and The Place I Called Home 

Travel Blogs

Visiting Familiar and Unfamiliar Places (Part V)

We got back from Ohio on a Sunday evening. I was pretty tired from a long weekend, so I slept a good amount on the way back to my parent's home. The following day on Monday me & my mom decided to go to the World of Coca-Cola! I hadn't been to the world of… Continue reading Visiting Familiar and Unfamiliar Places (Part V)

Random Writings

Hello Weekend !!!

So far this weekend things have been a little hectic for me while trying to balance doing school work (final/homework) along with, working on others projects, preparing for my move/college transfer in a few weeks, and participating in the book signing event yesterday. Through all the things going on in my life, I am thankful… Continue reading Hello Weekend !!!