Imagine being in a boxing match. You are in round 4 out of 12. You've just been knocked down for the third time, and this time you ask yourself "Should I get up?" You hear the count......1....2....3.... 4....You also hear people yelling "Get up, get up. Keep fighting." As you lay there bleeding from your… Continue reading Fight…..


Life Happening + My New Podcast

This week has seemed like a roller coaster both emotionally and physically. I have been experiencing a rush of  mixed emotions. On top of that physically I have been feeling blah/ill. I think it has something to do with the weather.(The weather has been chilly in the mornings & evenings ! With lows in the… Continue reading Life Happening + My New Podcast

Book Release Info./Upcoming Work, Info. About Natasha R. Robinson

Getting to Know Natasha + A FREE EBOOK!

Good Morning/ Afternoon my lovely readers ! I am hoping this blog finds you well physically and in good spirits ! Happy FRIDAY !!!! Any plans for the weekend ? As always I am planning to keep busy: movies, beach, writing, reading, church, exercising, so on and so forth. The start date for school is… Continue reading Getting to Know Natasha + A FREE EBOOK!



Hello Beautiful People & Happy Thursday! I am so grateful to be blogging today, it is such a great feeling! How is everyone doing?  Has your week been productive? Honestly, I don't even know where to start. The last week of my life has been hectic and physically painful for me. Due to this, I… Continue reading Loveless.

Short Writings (NMT 300 Words)


The wind blew gently against my face, as I made my way to the mailbox. I found the gold key to my box on my key chain as I got closer. I put the key in, and left it inside the lock as I pulled the small silver door open. To my surprise, I had… Continue reading Reminded.


Does Change Really Suck ?

Happy Friday Everyone !! How is your day going so far? What are your plans for the weekend? Relaxing? Beach trip? Working ? This weekend, I will be focused on working on my newest book coming out August 1st ! (I will be releasing more detailed info. in the next week! YAY) I also may go… Continue reading Does Change Really Suck ?


Eating Lies From My “Own Hands.”

As some of you may know, I started a Women's ONLY Snapchat group called Inspiring Women a week or two ago ! I really appreciate all the women in the group. I enjoy seeing and hearing raw emotions, a willingness to connect with one another, quotes, and conversations that just uplift or challenge us to reflect.… Continue reading Eating Lies From My “Own Hands.”

Book Release Info./Upcoming Work

Announcement !

I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that Colorless Love is available for PURCHASE TODAY at the Amazon link below ! Click to Purchase your copy of Colorless Love  I am extremely happy to be able to have this book available to you all, and be in the process of already working on my next one ! Thank you… Continue reading Announcement !


Does my hair really MATTER that much ?

I try my best to love people, I do ! But can I ask 2 questions? 1. Can I please just have my privacy when it comes to my reasons why I AM A WOMAN, & I have a shaved head ? 2. If I were a man with a shaved head would this be… Continue reading Does my hair really MATTER that much ?


A Question of Self-Worth

Do not let other people's blindness to see how valuable YOU ARE make you question your self-worth. Look if a person is constantly ignoring your messages, constantly flaking out on plans, lieing to you,making promises they don't keep, taking advantage of you, only wanting to talk or hang out when they are going through something… Continue reading A Question of Self-Worth