Book Release Info./Upcoming Work, Info. About Natasha R. Robinson

Getting to Know Natasha + A FREE EBOOK!

Good Morning/ Afternoon my lovely readers ! I am hoping this blog finds you well physically and in good spirits ! Happy FRIDAY !!!! Any plans for the weekend ? As always I am planning to keep busy: movies, beach, writing, reading, church, exercising, so on and so forth. The start date for school is… Continue reading Getting to Know Natasha + A FREE EBOOK!


What Are You Seeking?

Last week was emotionally and mentally overwhelming. I would like to say I am sorry to all my subscribers/readers if you were expecting posts last week. My goal usually is to post 1-3x a week, but last week it just didn't happen. Despite unexpected events, tears, headaches, body aches, fear and anxiety, I am very… Continue reading What Are You Seeking?

Short Writings (NMT 300 Words)

Stop Scrolling.

You sit there, cell phone in hand. You scroll through my Instagram , Facebook , Snapchat story, then my blog. You read my posts and remember parts & words that "stand out " to you. Divorce. Suicide. Bipolar Disorder. PTSD. Self-Harm. Lies. Pain. You continue scrolling, words like those continue to "jump off the page at you," or… Continue reading Stop Scrolling.


Does Change Really Suck ?

Happy Friday Everyone !! How is your day going so far? What are your plans for the weekend? Relaxing? Beach trip? Working ? This weekend, I will be focused on working on my newest book coming out August 1st ! (I will be releasing more detailed info. in the next week! YAY) I also may go… Continue reading Does Change Really Suck ?


Eating Lies From My “Own Hands.”

As some of you may know, I started a Women's ONLY Snapchat group called Inspiring Women a week or two ago ! I really appreciate all the women in the group. I enjoy seeing and hearing raw emotions, a willingness to connect with one another, quotes, and conversations that just uplift or challenge us to reflect.… Continue reading Eating Lies From My “Own Hands.”


Where Is The Love?

Happy Tuesday my lovely readers & subscribers ! How was your weekend & how is your Tuesday going ? (Feel free to comment below) My weekend was cool ! Got to see both the Incredibles 2 & The Ant Man & Wasp (Thank you Moviepass) [------ CLICK TO GET INFO ! There I was, on social… Continue reading Where Is The Love?

Book Release Info./Upcoming Work, Info. About Natasha R. Robinson

Live Video !

Happy Friday Beautiful People !!!<3 You know me, I usually try to keep busy!( It doesn't work all the time, but I try.) So last night, I decided to do a live video on Facebook and I would love it if you took a moment to check it out at the link BELOW! For all… Continue reading Live Video !

Random Writings

4th of July 2018

Hello, hello, hello my lovely Subscribers& Readers!!!!  Yesterday was the 4th,how did you and your family/friends spend the day?  My day started off well, I was feeling a bit down/discouraged kind of like I am currently just about my health, getting what I need from my doctors, feeling fearful to continue to put my trust in… Continue reading 4th of July 2018


Does my hair really MATTER that much ?

I try my best to love people, I do ! But can I ask 2 questions? 1. Can I please just have my privacy when it comes to my reasons why I AM A WOMAN, & I have a shaved head ? 2. If I were a man with a shaved head would this be… Continue reading Does my hair really MATTER that much ?


A Question of Self-Worth

Do not let other people's blindness to see how valuable YOU ARE make you question your self-worth. Look if a person is constantly ignoring your messages, constantly flaking out on plans, lieing to you,making promises they don't keep, taking advantage of you, only wanting to talk or hang out when they are going through something… Continue reading A Question of Self-Worth