Short Writings (NMT 300 Words), Spoken Word (Poetry)

Stop Scrolling.

You sit there, cell phone in hand. You scroll through my Instagram , Facebook , Snapchat story, then my blog. You read my posts and remember parts & words that "stand out " to you. Divorce. Suicide. Bipolar Disorder. PTSD. Self-Harm. Lies. Pain. You continue scrolling, words like those continue to "jump off the page at you," or… Continue reading Stop Scrolling.


Eating Lies From My “Own Hands.”

As some of you may know, I started a Women's ONLY Snapchat group called Inspiring Women a week or two ago ! I really appreciate all the women in the group. I enjoy seeing and hearing raw emotions, a willingness to connect with one another, quotes, and conversations that just uplift or challenge us to reflect.… Continue reading Eating Lies From My “Own Hands.”


💡 The Light 💡

Geeeez... I seriously keep having to remind myself of this, because sometimes in those moments of trying to cope with symptoms/emotions it feels like I’m failing and I’m relapsing. It is the worse feeling, because I want to be in a healthy state when it comes to my mental health, I want to breathe, I… Continue reading 💡 The Light 💡

Random Writings

Not Ready To Turn Off…..

Hello Subscribers & Readers, I hope your Tuesday is/was well! I am sure what I am about to say may sound off, but it's my blog and last time I checked I could say whatever I wanted as long as of course it's in line with my morals and beliefs! As many of your are… Continue reading Not Ready To Turn Off…..


What defines beauty? Part I: Decisions ……..

When I first walked into the shop (yesterday) Friday December 29, 2017, I felt scared, embarrassed, and I just overall felt like I didn’t know what would happen. All I knew was I wanted to leave there with less hair than I had when I walked in with. The barber asked me what I wanted… Continue reading What defines beauty? Part I: Decisions ……..

Random Writings

Call her Lil 🐾 😯🌸

Happy Sunday everyone ! How has your weekend been? Mine has been filled with finishing up christmas shopping, snapchatting a ton, catching up with my  high school bestie, and today I will be packing for my trip, me and Lil leave tomorrow. Can I get a drum 🥁 roll please...... I would like to introduce… Continue reading Call her Lil 🐾 😯🌸

Random Writings

When I Die You’ll Love Me….Lil Peep

R.I.P  Gustav Åhr  Aka Lil Peep & I pray God watches over your loved ones in this very difficult time. Despite your faults, thank you for sharing your gifts with all your fans & just being yourself through your music. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ #Mentalhealthmatters Articles on Lil Peep: People Article About Lil Peep Rapper Lil… Continue reading When I Die You’ll Love Me….Lil Peep

Random Writings

Broken Arm and Depression.

This is extremely sad and true. While it does seem people are more open to the "mental health" conversation now more than they probably were ten or even twenty years ago there still seems to be ALOT OF stigma. This quote reminds me of a recent situation I experienced from another student at my school.… Continue reading Broken Arm and Depression.