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I’m Natasha Robinson, Nonfiction Author and Creative Writer/Inspirational Blogger. If you are interested in reading poetry that will pull at your heartstrings, learning things about mental health, or reading posts that require you to think deeply and challenge you to become your best self, my blog is for you! It contains post that will get you inspired, motivated, and give you new perspectives on life’s many obstacles.

Writing is a healthy and creative outlet for me. I love to share my journey and knowledge with others, so they won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made. Also, I want others struggling with any type of mental health issues to know they are not alone. I like writing about difficult topics, you know the ones no one wants to talk about? Loss. Divorce. Why romantic love sucks sometimes. Why self-love is mandatory. What it feels like to struggle in various ways daily from mental illness. Boundaries with loved ones.  All those subjects and more are the ones I blog about. So brace yourself !

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Beautiful Disaster:  A book about finding beauty in the midst of life’s disasters.

Other Work By Natasha:

Colorless Love: A book about learning to love yourself  and others with no boundaries even when it seems impossible.

Words Are Art: See The World Through My Eyes: A book filled with spoken word poetry that demonstrates the places our minds can take us. This that will gives on new perspectives on loss, purpose, and love.


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