Even When It Hurts…….

I have resorted to silence. This silence has been caused due not only of fear of saying the wrong thing, but just not knowing what to say during this time. A lot of times instead of admitting we don't know what to say, we simply say NOTHING........... or some of us (including myself) just say… Continue reading Even When It Hurts…….

Short Writings (NMT 300 Words), Spoken Word (Poetry)

No Words.

I am honored and humbled that my sister has asked me to write a poem for my niece's funeral. No Words Dedicated to my niece: Grace Victoria Robinson Though we may not always understand, God has a purpose and a plan. A plan for you and a plan for me. A plan that will include… Continue reading No Words.



Greetings Everyone, This week I have been unable to post due to so much going on. Me, my mom and my sister have remained in a state of shock, confusion, delirium, sadness, and anger due to the loss of my sister's daughter Grace Victoria Robinson Monday August 20, 2018. I arrived to be with my… Continue reading Loss.


The Gathering.

Happy Happy Sunday to you ! Are you getting to relax today ? Or are you working? Whatever you are doing today, I hope this post finds you well ! The pastor at the church I attend brought up some good points today during the gathering. Instead of telling you the points word per word… Continue reading The Gathering.

Dark Thoughts

Time + The Circle.

Hey hey my lovely Readers ! How is everyone's Saturday going? I am not even going to bother answering that question for myself. My day is BLAH to put it in simple terms. The chaos is LOUD. Would you happen to know where the volume button is ? Usually, I prefer to talk about bad… Continue reading Time + The Circle.

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Getting to Know Natasha + A FREE EBOOK!

Good Morning/ Afternoon my lovely readers ! I am hoping this blog finds you well physically and in good spirits ! Happy FRIDAY !!!! Any plans for the weekend ? As always I am planning to keep busy: movies, beach, writing, reading, church, exercising, so on and so forth. The start date for school is… Continue reading Getting to Know Natasha + A FREE EBOOK!



Hello Beautiful People & Happy Thursday! I am so grateful to be blogging today, it is such a great feeling! How is everyone doing?  Has your week been productive? Honestly, I don't even know where to start. The last week of my life has been hectic and physically painful for me. Due to this, I… Continue reading Loveless.

Book Release Info./Upcoming Work

Are You Ready For A Sneak Peek ?

Hello Everyone and Happy Happy Wednesday !   The last few months have been hectic as I am sure you all know. I have been maintaining my mental health symptoms, getting ready for school to start back, trying to occupy my time with adventures, and volunteer work, de-stressing as often as possible, and I've been working… Continue reading Are You Ready For A Sneak Peek ?


What Are You Seeking?

Last week was emotionally and mentally overwhelming. I would like to say I am sorry to all my subscribers/readers if you were expecting posts last week. My goal usually is to post 1-3x a week, but last week it just didn't happen. Despite unexpected events, tears, headaches, body aches, fear and anxiety, I am very… Continue reading What Are You Seeking?

Short Writings (NMT 300 Words)

Let You In.

I hesitated, but I let you in. You reeked of alcohol. It was too dark for me to look directly into your eyes, to figure out what you were thinking. But I had a good guess. I could tell by the way you touched my face that, you were in one of your “many moods.”… Continue reading Let You In.