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Today’s the day !

Hey lovelies and Happy Friday ! How has your week been? Mine has been up and down. I've had moments where I just cried, then I've had moments where I've been in the gym happily doing cardio! Overall, my week has been filled with going to class, studying, and writing. The closer I get to… Continue reading Today’s the day !

Random Writings

Life + No Off Button The Podcast (Ep. 2)

Hey Hey Everyone & Happy Wednesday ! This week is flying by and it's making me so sad. I have so much that I want to accomplish during my week off from school ,but time is slipping by me. It seems I am spending more and more time on things I didn't think or want… Continue reading Life + No Off Button The Podcast (Ep. 2)

Random Writings

4th of July 2018

Hello, hello, hello my lovely Subscribers& Readers!!!!  Yesterday was the 4th,how did you and your family/friends spend the day?  My day started off well, I was feeling a bit down/discouraged kind of like I am currently just about my health, getting what I need from my doctors, feeling fearful to continue to put my trust in… Continue reading 4th of July 2018

Random Writings

Not Ready To Turn Off…..

Hello Subscribers & Readers, I hope your Tuesday is/was well! I am sure what I am about to say may sound off, but it's my blog and last time I checked I could say whatever I wanted as long as of course it's in line with my morals and beliefs! As many of your are… Continue reading Not Ready To Turn Off…..

Random Writings

Time for a POLL….

I am excited to say that I have officially posted my very 1st poll on my Author's page on Facebook. Below you will find the link ! It is ONE QUESTION, and will only take you two seconds to answer it ! I am not revealing anything about what the MAGIC question is on my… Continue reading Time for a POLL….

Random Writings

Father’s Day 2018….. Time to Share ! ❤️

At one point, I lost what number I was on while making this snap story of all the great moments/memories I have with my daddy over the past year !!!! Sometimes my brain gets overloaded & I go blank ! It happens, it's life! I love you daddy !!! (: you're awesome ! Thanks for… Continue reading Father’s Day 2018….. Time to Share ! ❤️

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Happy Mother’s Day Mum! 🌹

Let's be honest we all have been searching for that perfect Mother's Day gift the last few weeks.......Right? or for some of the procrastinaters, the last few days huh? lol  There is nothing wrong with that but I would like to point out something.......... Mother's, fathers , friends, etc should not only be celebrated on… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day Mum! 🌹

Random Writings

Too Late to Apologize (Cover)

[Natte_M] sang Apologize (Acoustic) really well! Check out this great cover I made! — Read on Hey Lovelies, Happy happy Tuesday ! How is everyone today ? Me, I'm okay fighting to stay sane, practice self-care, and stay away from behaviors that may land me back where I don't want to be. Prayers and… Continue reading Too Late to Apologize (Cover)

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HELLO and Happy February  & Happy Black History month! I had fun doing this acoustic cover of Adele's Hello song !enjoy !(Click to listen) -----------) Cover of Adele's Hello Hey Lovelies! I cannot even believe it has been a month since I last posted. Honestly I took a break from posting on social media for a… Continue reading Believe….

Random Writings

Happy New Year !!!   Hello all my lovely subscribers ! I wanted to be sure I take time and wish you and your families a VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Though I am fearful of what will happen in the new year, I am looking forward to using all of my talents, energy, and resources to… Continue reading Happy New Year !!!