Dark Thoughts, Spoken Word (Poetry)


Bonjour my Readers/Subscribers ! I am so grateful to be writing today and sharing my journey with you. How is everyone? What are your plans for the weekend? I know I've been M.I.A from my blog for almost a month. With the stress of school, trying to take care of my mental health symptoms, trying to… Continue reading Focus.

Dark Thoughts

Time + The Circle.

Hey hey my lovely Readers ! How is everyone's Saturday going? I am not even going to bother answering that question for myself. My day is BLAH to put it in simple terms. The chaos is LOUD. Would you happen to know where the volume button is ? Usually, I prefer to talk about bad… Continue reading Time + The Circle.

Dark Thoughts

No Suffering in Silence.

Falling to pieces.........Drowning in sorrow....Staring at a unworn cross necklace......Holding back the hate, disgust, and mixed emotions I feel towards myself and the world. Thoughts of self - harm, razor in hand, thoughts of death plague me. Numbness..... Ready to go, climb back in my box, in my zone and sort out the broken pieces… Continue reading No Suffering in Silence.

Dark Thoughts

I Bleed Red… Do You Want To See? AHHH

 * Read At Your Own Discretion*  *May Be Triggering for Some * I sat there headphones in , star wars pajamas pants on , legs folded,  and the tv playing cartoons in the background. My thoughts began to go over the same questions I had been asking myself on and off that entire day. Why… Continue reading I Bleed Red… Do You Want To See? AHHH

Dark Thoughts

Secrets Buried…

One of the pieces I have been working on is a blog titled Secrets Buried. This blog is one that I have been iffy about even publishing on my blog. I think I decided to write about such a challenging topic because I wanted to make sense of it in my mind and I figured… Continue reading Secrets Buried…

Dark Thoughts

You Think You Know Me?

You have no idea who I am. You have no idea what goes on inside my mind. None. I am everything you overlook. I am everything you wish didn't exist. I am everything you can't fix. You don't care about me all you care about is what you see and who you want me to… Continue reading You Think You Know Me?