Natasha is an extroverted, ambitious twenty-five-year-old Navy Veteran, Published Author, Mental Health Advocate, avid blogger and student (English Major). Over the past 6 years of her life, she has been on a journey of self-discovery, that continues daily.  After being diagnosed with mental illness in 2014 Natasha struggled to find an outlet, until she picked up a pencil again. This is where she found a sense of freedom from her anxiety, depression, and BPD symptoms.

Natasha continues to write every chance she gets, or when a random idea pops into her head. Her blog is dedicated to sharing her life experiences, asking readers those DIFFICULT LIFE QUESTIONS we all tend to stay silent about, exploring/sharing Natasha’s artistic and random talents & interests, and challenging others to become their best selves.

Some of the things Natasha enjoys doing most include: going to the movies, spending time with her doggy,  researching scientific topics (human biology), and creating art (poetry, short stories, prose,etc). Despite all the tragedies, heartbreak, and loss Natasha has experienced, she will continue to get stronger with her faith in God, and make goals for herself to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Natasha’s Work:

Beautiful Disaster

Colorless Love

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Be blessed.



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