It seems unreal that we are already on the 5th day of 2019 ! By November, 2018 seemed to be slipping by me, and by the time I looked up, it was over. During the last few weeks of 2018, I realized, I needed to take a step back.

I resorted to my unhealthy coping habits, and I noticed I was feeling more depressed as days went by.  I was drowning and I needed a type of help I couldn’t give myself.

Afterall, is it possible for a drowning person to save themselves?

 With the help of my support system, I was able to sign myself into a treatment program to begin getting help. At that pivotal moment, I had a CHOICE. 

Either, I could choose to get help or choose to drown. I realized that in order for me to stop drowning and for things to start changing, I needed help. I needed someone to throw me a life saver.

At first I was afraid, I mean change is scary. Now, it’s been about a month and progress is happening, moment by moment.

For me, the thing that sucked is watching myself getting back into an unhealthy state. I thought I had things “under control.” I felt it and I saw it happening, but before I could catch myself I fell into the water and began to drown.

Thinking I had everything “under control” was my mistake.

Going down the same path, but expecting to end up at a different destination is unrealistic.

Everyone’s journey through life is different, but something we all have in common is CHOICES. We choose what we do, where we go, and who we spend our time with. Every choice has a consequence, whether it’s good or bad.


Food For Thought:

Today I am making a choice to live. What choices will you make in 2019 to better yourself and your life? Will it be to eat healthier? Will it be to spend more time with your family? Will it be getting into therapy to improve your mental health? Will it be enrolling in classes? Will it be making a exercising schedule? Will it be switching jobs or careers? Will it be writing your first book or starting a business? Whatever it is, remember you choose and those choices shape your life.

Proverbs 16:3 NIV

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Please continue praying for my grammy and for God’s love and comfort to surround her and my family.

Sending Lots of Love & Hugs,



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