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Life + No Off Button The Podcast (Ep. 2)

Hey Hey Everyone & Happy Wednesday ! This week is flying by and it’s making me so sad. I have so much that I want to accomplish during my week off from school ,but time is slipping by me. It seems I am spending more and more time on things I didn’t think or want to interfere with my personal goals.

Geez, this is frustrating to say the least. (Breathe, Self. My glass is Half Full NOT Half Empty, right?) If you read my last post you will understand that reference!

My emotional health has seemed to be on a complete roller coaster this week, and I seem to be triggered by the slightest things. I don’t know if this is because I am spending too much time inside situations that are HUGE triggers, or if it’s the fact that I feel a bit paranoid because my safety has been “compromised,” or if it’s I have been on my menstrual cycle, or maybe it’s all of the above? This may be TMI (Too Much Information), but I notice during my menstrual cycle it’s a very dangerous time for me. That is the time where my mental health symptoms seems to be the worse and old coping habits try to come creeping back to my door. Has any other women experienced this ? or noticed this in their own life?

Everyday isn’t going to be a walk in the park for anyone, with or without mental health disorders. Some days instead of a walk in the park, I have to dig myself out of a hole, I  put myself in. (By subjecting myself to bullcrap that ends up having horrible effects on my emotional and mental well being.)Those are the days that really suck. Those are the days I question everything. Everything I’ve been through and everything I am still overcoming.

Such is life, right?

(Breathe, Self. My glass is Half Full NOT Half Empty.)

I am excited and nervous to announce that episode #2 of No Off Button the Podcast is up! I am still getting the hang of editing & being a podcaster, so I appreciate your patience and feedback !  Any advice/tips is appreciated ! 

 Episode #2 is all about What it means to have a voice ? And what it means to use your voice? I also talk about setting boundaries and my own personal journey with finding my voice. (My podcast is NOW available on Itunes , Google Play Music & on Stitcher !)

Thank you for reading and supporting my work !

Be sure to check out my latest book HERE (Some UPDATES have been added inside this book for READERS!)

You will hear from me soon with an update for the Voices Unheard Series ! If you still haven’t read my last post from the series READ IT HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving,



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