Voices Unheard Blog Series

Religion, Love, & Bipolar Depression (Voices Unheard)

The first person I got to interview for this series, is an amazing & talented woman by the name of Marie-Alice ! I call her Allie, but she may or may not punch you if you try to call her that. (lol!) Before we even started the interview we were laughing, making jokes, talking about life & “enjoying the great outdoors.”

A few weeks ago I was chatting with Allie and found out she had a diagnosis of Bipolar. (At this time I had no idea it was Bipolar Depression.) At that point, I knew she was someone I  wanted to hear from for this series. (As you may know I have been diagnosed with BPD and mental health is something that is very near and dear to my heart.) For once I wanted to see Bipolar from the other side of the fence.

From this interview you will gain tips that may help you manage your mental health symptoms and tips about love.

Marie-Alice grew up in California and was raised Catholic. She attended Catholic school from Kindergarten to her senior year of high school. (This is awesome! I went to public schools on the east coast during my upbringing, and it was nice to finally get to talk to someone who had a different schooling experience.) Although she attended Catholic school, sadly Allie still dealt with being bullied. She recalled stories of being bullied in 7th grade by 8th grade boys making fun of her weight, making racial slurs, and physically sitting on her to hurt her. (Kids can be so freaking cruel!)

Allie called herself a “very religious child from age 5 to about age 12.” She knew there was a God and heaven, but by about the 6th grade she began questioning her faith. She wasn’t sure if she believed any of it anymore. She thinks this happened mainly because of her dad. He was an “abusive as*hole who still went to church every Sunday.” This made her start to believe “if a person can be that evil and still go to church and still do what they do,” she didn’t want a part of it. She believed this meant “church isn’t doing anything and not everyone is good who goes.” Allie believes her father’s actions along with dealing with bullying while attending Catholic school tainted her idea of what it meant to be Catholic.

Allie no longer likes to put a label on her beliefs, but does have “religious aspects.” Unfortunately,  she has not attended church on a Sunday since age 14, 5 years.

I believe sometimes when we are young we soak up heavy amounts of the not so good aspects of the environment around us. We then get older, realize those things we soaked up aren’t so healthy and are plain wrong. Unfortunately at this point, the damage is already done.

    ~Natasha R.

We then moved on to the subject of love.(One of my favorite subjects to talk about! I wonder if it’s because of all those romantic comedies I’ve watched!) Allie admitted to me that the “concept of love, is cloudy to her, due to her dad.” (He would be a jerk then say he loved her.) Allie agreed with me that love is cloudy for people between the ages of 18-30. She then said “from* a really young age to about age 18, you *see love as A. how media portrays it(celebrities dating) and B. how our parents portray it, but once you move out of the house eventually or you start getting into your own relationships,” *you start trying to figure it out. You then find out your idea of love is based on what you have seen and heard and you really have no idea what it is. Or do you ?

 According to Allie, social media shows us “what love should be.” She feels that “watching romantic movies wrecked her.” This was due to the unrealistic expectations they give us about love.

Allie’s Advice on Love: 1. “Don’t fall for the bul*shi* that romance movies give you, because it’s never going to be like that. Maybe once* in a million it will be something like that or something similar but romantic movies feed into an unreliable expectation of  *falling in love. 2. Date yourself and treat yourself how you want to be treated.” 

At this point in the interview, I JUMPED head first into asking questions about Allie’s diagnosis and her mental health journey. She told me this semester the hardest thing she has dealt with was her mental health. Allie admitted that she doesn’t know much about mental health, but believes we all deal with mental health issues in different ways.

She then said that “for a long time up until earlier this year, she believed something was wrong with her and it was unfixable.” She didn’t have a social life and really didn’t have anyone to talk to about what was going on with her mental health. Around Thanksgiving break last year she was sent to see a psychiatrist due to her primary care doctor feeling like there was something more going on. Allie was eventually diagnosed with Bipolar Depression and was prescribed meds. She has found the worst thing about having this illness is the “spiraling and how everything comes from it.” It’s like the littlest things turn BIG in a short time. It has been about 8 months since she started taking psych meds and she feels they have helped her. She finds that she is more content with her diagnosis because she finally knows what’s going on with her. Allie’s mental health journey is still pretty new to her, but she has already started to find ways to cope. Some things she does to cope include: creative outlets (writing), watching tv, reading , etc

Allie’s Tips for Coping with Mental Illness: Avoid triggers, have someone to talk to, find out what works for you whether it’s (taking pictures, drawing, etc)

“My Brain” Drawn by: Marie- Alice

Thank you Allie, for taking time to share your story and opinions with me. You are such a beautiful & genuine person! Keep making art! ♥️

Everyone be sure to check out Allie’s Podcast The Wallflower Club. She posts every other Wednesday. Allie is an artist, youtuber, writer, photographer and a podcaster. Oh I also forgot to mention her major is one of the best ones out there !!!!!! (Yep, you guessed it, English!)😉

Check out her podcast———- The Wallflower Club.

Wallflower Club is spoken from the voice of someone who would otherwise be quiet. She talks about things that are on her mind or things that don’t get talked about enough. She created this podcast because she wanted to show people, that she HAS SOMETHING TO SAY !

Allie says remember: “Don’t settle for what you see on social media or online. Follow your heart. Go with the gut feeling.”

Voices Unheard Series 1

Thanks for reading ! Stay Tuned for Part II of the Voices Unheard Series !!!!

Sending Hugs,



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