Voices Unheard Blog Series

Introducing a New Series……….

I’ve had my blog for roughly 3 years, but just started blogging regularly in the last 6 months or so. When I first created my blog I looked at it as a place to share my life, my struggles, my pain, and my victories. It is no secret that my life has changed so much over the past three years, in ways I could have never imagined. I have loved sharing my journey with all of you,


now I feel it is time that I step back from dwelling on me and take a look around the world that surrounds me.

The NEW SERIES I WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE IS A SERIES TITLED Voices Unheard. This series is all about connecting, encouraging, and gaining new perspectives of the world around me and the people in it.

For this series, I will be interviewing people of various ages, from different backgrounds with different religious beliefs and cultures. I am ecstatic, humbled, and looking forward  to connecting with some really amazing individuals. There is nothing like taking time to listen to people and ask their opinions about things like love, religion, mental health, and even politics.

Everyone has a story. We all come from somewhere. We’ve all been through something, and we all view the world differently. This series is about showing that there is something that can be learned from everyone no matter their age, where they grew up, their race, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc.

*Note: Some names will be changed or left out to protect privacy of interviewees.*

Thanks for reading and look out for PART I of Voices Unheard coming soon !!!

Stay Inspired,



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