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Are You Ready For A Sneak Peek ?


Hello Everyone and Happy Happy Wednesday !  

The last few months have been hectic as I am sure you all know. I have been maintaining my mental health symptoms, getting ready for school to start back, trying to occupy my time with adventures, and volunteer work, de-stressing as often as possible, and I’ve been working on writing 2 books. Sounds like a lot huh?

Funny thing is I feel more purposeful when I keep busy. I like making goals for myself and completing to-do lists. So originally the release date for my primary book I was working on was set for August 1st, 2018, but life happens and it got pushed back by a week. I am very sorry for this happening, but I do appreciate your patience and understanding.

It has been difficult at moments over the last few months because I’ve found myself wanting to share full details with you all throughout the process. When I am writing a book, I tend to keep the title, cover, and material under wraps up until everything is copyrighted, edited, and ready to go. I have been keeping my lips sealed and prior to today I hadn’t even released the title of this book on my social media platforms. Let me just say, I am soooooo excited about this book and it includes some of my best work to date. Below you will find an excerpt from Beautiful Disaster, along with link to purchase your copy.

Before reading this excerpt, I would like you to know that Beautiful Disaster is NOT ONLY about mental health issues, it explores various topics including: divorce, acceptance, self- love, overcoming discrimination and MUCH MORE! BRACE YOURSELF !

Read at your own DISCRETION:

Triggered, I lay in the shower, crying as the water hit my skin. I watched the water hit my skin but felt nothing. I turned my attention to the blade, I planned to use for self-harming, and asked myself “When will this pain stop?” I had been through this one too many times and knew just how it would end. I took one last look at the blade and yelled with everything I had left in me, “No More!” I immediately dropped the blade. In that moment, as my body trembled and I cried uncontrollably, I knew I had made a breakthrough. A breakthrough to a place I had never been. I was ready to start loving me.


© All rights are reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

Read full description & purchase your copy by clicking bolded title below:

Beautiful Disaster

I am so thankful I get to share various aspects of my life with you all ! In every blog I post there is a piece of me in it. I find strength and acceptance within, through sharing my story with others. I am extremely proud of finishing this book! Happy Reading & I can’t wait to hear your feedback !

Thank you for reading my work & Thank you for your support !

Stay Inspired! 

Sincerely & Always,

Natasha R. Robinson


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